Fighting for the heart

For anyone that knows me, knows that I am uber passionate about “Family Ministry”. Lately I have been reviewing one of my favorite books,  “Parenting Beyond Your Capacity” . And have really been challenged by the section “Fight for the Heart”. As a parent I have found it incredibly valuable, but as I review, I am challenged by how this can apply to how we as Christ Followers live out or faith.

So often as followers of Christ we are so defined by the things we won’t do or the things that we must “fight out against”. We are defined by our political alliances and where we stand on the hot button topics (Gay Rights, Abortion, bacon crumble or bacon strip etc).  Please hear me, I believe that we need to love justice (God’s justice, not man’s justice) and that as a people of God we are called to stand against injustice. I have found in my own life that many times I found myself in a discussion fighting for a point of view or to prove my stance right (and I am sure I am not the only one).

Where I have been challenged is in my motivation. I mean, I can fight WITH anyone on almost any topic, but to fight FOR someone that is the true challenge. It’s challenging because many times it doesn’t look like a fight, and it isn’t about me, my preferences or wants. It isn’t about impersonal topics or speaking points. It’s about wanting the true good for actual people, the object of Gods affections.

Where this really hits home for me is that in order to fight for people, I have to love them and that takes personal investment. Sometimes that is easy, or at least parts of it seem easy (like fighting for the rights of people that have been victimized), but if I am honest about my calling in life as a Christ follower I am called to love not only the persecuted but the persecutor and that is tough.

I wonder how this world might look different if instead of fighting with the persecutors of the world we were to fight for their hearts. To try and show them such a radical love that they would be transformed and changed. Instead of trying to prove ourselves right with our logical arguments and slick presentations we would rely on the power of Christ and His spirit to give us the Love that we need to truly change lives.

Sometimes I wonder if it just sounds too “Hippyish” all peace love and happiness, then I wonder what Saul would think…….?

New to this, so hold with me.

Ok, I am not a Journalist, a writer or an English major. I am not a Theologian or for that matter particularly smart or wise . I do however have a belief that Jesus changes lives for the better, and a passion to see individuals, families and communities come to know Him, truly know Him in a deep way.

It is my hope that by sharing some of the things that Jesus is doing in my life, the challenges and the victories, that I can be an encouragement to others, and that we can wrestle through what it means to really follow Jesus, together.