How we respond.

I may take a bit of flack for this but…… in the light of the events in Newtown CT. I have to say this.

I am soooo deeply saddened buy all of the “This tragedy happened because you took God out of our schools” postings by Christians. I am a Christ follower, and when I read the bible I see that as a Christian I am told to respond to suffering and hurting people with Love, Compassion, Grace and Sympathy. Unfortunately some people feel that painting a picture of our God as being Petty and Revengeful is helpful to those suffering unimaginable heartbreak. I believe that, as much as my heart broke for those suffering through this tragedy, God’s is far deeper. He is not sitting in heaven removed, saying ” I told you so” but weeping with and for those in pain.

I am not saying that there is not a time to have discussions about the theology behind tragedies like this or how policies are made and how we can affect them, but now is not that time.

I for one would rather be known by my love and compassion to those suffering than by agenda or stance on policy. I think Jesus would feel the same way.