If you’d prefer

This post isn’t particularly deep, but something I have been wrestling with as of late and just wanted to share.

Preferences are funny things. Everyone has them about a wide range of things from favorite brands of Ketchup to Coffee to Musical tastes. I think it is amazing when I look at things like this to see the diversity that God created in us. I also think it is interesting the power that Preference can hold over us. It can draw groups together but also the power it holds to fracture or build barriers among people.

One of the idea’s that has been causing me the most trouble is in the weight that our preferences have and how we are able to justify them. Our preferences are created through a wide range of ways, be it genetic disposition towards sour foods, characteristics of our upbringing that cause us to lean towards a way to discipline or the church culture that exists that impacts the ways that we feel comfortable worshiping. The tension comes up when we start to assume that the way we feel is right (and in many cases it is right for us) than how do we relate to those that prefer differently, are they wrong?  And if they are right, than wouldn’t that make me wrong? No that can’t be it, because I don’t like to be wrong.

It can be a dangerous place when we start to think like that, especially when it comes to maters of our faith. We can go seeking in the bible for things that support our preferences (and our “being right”) rather then allowing biblical truth to shape and form our preferences. It can be even more dangerous when we start to transpose our preferences onto God. Why this is soo dangerous is as we subtlety shift out God’s truth for our preferences, we begin to worship God as we think He is or how we think He should be instead of worshiping God as HE says HE is and has shown HIMSELF to be. And at the heart of this is Idolatry. We end up worshiping ourselves and not God, and as Christ followers this is where we can do the most damage to our faith and to others.


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