Far too long

For anyone still checking in on this blog I apologize as it has been far too long since I have updated anything. I hope to have new information coming up soon as well as some great resources that I have been digging through and have been changing my life over the past few years as it relates to family ministry and how God is impacting families, our culture and the next generation.

One Person that I have really be blessed to meet as well as have learned so much from through his DVD’s, free youtube video’s (that’s right, I said free), speaking engagements and books is Brett Ullman.

I have included a link to his website http://www.brettullman.com/

Be sure to check out his Video Blog and you will see an amazingly transparent man of God with a passion to partner with people to wrestle with some of the topics that so many in today’s church culture are afraid or unprepared to talk about.

Please take the time to look through his site and I hope you find his information, his Journey and his heart for Jesus as helpful and inspiring as I do.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the top 10 resources that I have found invaluable for Youth and Family ministry. Until then, Blessings.




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